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Zylaena Flame
Zylaena Flame
"I am the Devil.......Beware"
Leader of the clan of Zombies and Demons
The Devil
Important Information
Gender Female
Job Being evil.....and devious
Status Alive,single
Eye Color Orange,red and a fire
Fur Color Red with orange and black streaks
Age physically 5 but immortal really
Affiliation Her Clan and all Demons
Weapons Powers, and her manipulative skills
Species Demon
Home Hell and the Haven
Quests None

Basic infoEdit

My name is Zylaena but my demons call me Devil.

I am pyshically 5 though really immortal.

I am the Devil.

I am a demon.


Zylaena has red hair that is streaked with black and orange. Her eyes look like the seventh-layer of hell. They are burning and have a devious, evil look in them. Her hair is long and always out.


Zylaena is the Devil, no thing can change that. Yes, she may look like a cute little girl but she is really devious, evil and manipultave. She could make the bravest creature or hunter cry and the softest creature of hunter turn into a killer. She has killed andd is not ashamed of it. This becuase she accepts she is a demon. She loves to trick people and make deals with them. She has a hate for hunters nad humans.


Zylaena was born to the Devil King and the Devil Queen. She grew up with them in Hell and loved it there. She had two brothers called Costa and Lucius. She was living happily when they came. They were hunters and evil ones at that. They slaughtered hundreds of demons including the King and Queen, her parents. Costa and Lucius quickly sent Zy off riding a hell-hound. She never heard from them again. The hell-hound kept running until it got to the Mountaine Haven which was a supposed safe-haven. It somehow knew where to go and Zylaena has been the Devil herself ever since.


Zylaena likes her fellow demons and all creatures of the dark. She loves vampires too. This is because she has many things in common with them. Zylaena hates hunters and humans with a passion. She also has a minor dislike of angels but can get along with them sometimes.


Zylaena only has a ring that is passed down through each generation of the Devil which is the leading Demon family. As she is the last, it is rightfully hers. (She hasn't heard from her brothers so she assumes they are dead.)


  • Demons can control the demon-fire
  • Demons can take souls
  • Demons can tag souls for Hell
  • Demons can fire-walk (teleport when in fire)
  • Demons are resistant to fire
  • Demons can change their pyshical age as they are immortal