Basic Info
Snow fairy





'Shy and scared of humans but clever and is happy being alone.White is caring and loving and loves animals.'Edit


  • ===Hate Humans===
  • ===Likes cooking===
  • ===Loves frost, hail and snow===
  • ===Likes the colours blue, white and purple.===
  • ===Scared of fire===


Amber LeafEdit


'Long white hair with blueish tint, blue eyes' and pale skin.She likes wearing white and pale blue clothes.In this picture she is wearing her best dress.She looks older than she is and is slightly built.Her wings are pale blue with a purple tint and dark blue around the edges.


'White was born in a Fir tree in Winter in a Wood below the Sanctuary.Her dad loved her but her mum died giving birth to White.But she still lived quite a good life.As she grew older she became best freinds with Amber Leaf a fairy who was just a bit older than her, as Amber was born in Autumm in a maple tree near White's Fir.But when they were about 10 years old the wood was invaded by humans.Trees were destroyed and fairies and pixies died.Amber's parents died as their tree was chopped down.White's dad tryed fighting a human but he was shot down and died.Luckily Amber and White were out foraging.The wood's Wise Woman showed them to the mountain and they began their quest for safety.Now 12 the girls were stronger, faster and smarter.They were attacked by a wolf pack but luckily White made the wolf's think they were on fire and the wolfs ran howling in pain.On the way there White and Amber had learnt to control and use their powers for good.When they finally reached the top they were 13 and in a sorry state and they began a new life in safety.'Edit


  • Faries and Pixies can be killed by fire and demon-fire
  • Faries and Pixies die if wings are pulled off


  • All can fly
  • Faries and Pixies can make illusions
  • Faries and Pixies can use sky and illusion magic
  • Faries and Pixies can dissapear in a glitter of rainbows and appear somewhere else


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