This character belongs to Daughter of Lupa


Nessa -Empousa
-The Dark Nessa

 AnnaWiseLAJ 21:38, November 9, 2011 (UTC)

hi, my name is Vanessa Deane
Vanessa Deane
Please call me Nessa
The Man Ladies
The Dark Nessa
The MoonKiss
Important Information
Gender Female
Job (very Secret}
Status Alive and Single and Looking
Eye Color Green
Fur Color Long black
Age 400 year old ( 14)
Affiliation Clan of Vampire and Empousa
Weapons Yes
Species Empousa
Home Haven
Quests None


Her Dad is a Vampire, who met her mom who is empousa and they in love with each other. After they get married, and her mom give birth to Nessa, and Nessa is empouse. when the hunter heard news of her dad is a vampire and her mom is a Vampire empouse and nessa is a empouse and they hunt them down and her father tell her mom to hide her from hunters, and so her mom did hide nessa, and hunters came to their house and kill her parents and hunters left the house. nessa escape from her house, and stay somewhere else. she travel all around world until she find the mountain haven


She is kind and Sweet and Honest and very secretive and mysterious, and Protective

Likes and dislikes:Edit

she like everyone


  • All empousa have super strong senses
  • All Empousa are not burnt by fire


  • Empousa can not go in sunlight
  • Empousa can be killed by werewolves bite
  • Empousa are slow because of hoof
  • Both can be staked and die (only if it is through the heart)


  • she drink the human's male blood


she fear of nothing





Apperence Edit

she have long black hair and green eyes and tall

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