Hey guys so I have some ideas we can use. So this is just little ideas but I think Werewolves have self healing and like super stamina and agility, this is just a small suggestion for Werewolf powers. This is just from many films and books I have seen/read with Werewolves in it :) So basically in case most people haven't noticed we have virtually no guys, which is kinda bad I suppose so I think that once people are done with any girl claims we should make a rule for every user to have at least one guy. Now this is just a suggestion and I'm only saying this so that there are equal genders on here, nobody has to actally act on this if you don't want to.

Anyway heres some RP ideas, we should make like some events for the characters like say some sort of competition for each of the species. This is just so that more of our characters RP more :) Another idea is since we have all these Gods/Goddess's of the creatures we should make a place for them to all sort of meet and live, they don't really have anywhere to stay at the moment :P So thats all I have for now, these are all just suggestions and ideas if the admins don't want to do any of this thats fine. So if the ideas are wanted we should do a vote and blah blah.

Thank you for reading my..FIRST EVER BLOG POST hehe xD Hope you enjoyed my random blog.

Fish are friends not food :) 19:19, November 8, 2011 (UTC)

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