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aka ummm, i'm not sure...

  • I live in the Real World
  • I was born on January 27
  • I am Slagars Band
  • Logalog Nombolo

    It came to my attention that we don't have a wordmark. So, i'm holding a competition for the best Wordmark. The Prize is to see YOUR wordmark on our website. You'll also be given a certificate if your first, second or third. Post your entry at the bottom of the page. This contest will end on Feburary the 26th 2012.

    Note: they must be 250x65px to work!

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  • Logalog Nombolo

    Me? Gone? Not so...

    December 17, 2011 by Logalog Nombolo

    I'm back, maybe for awile, maybe for a few days. (WIP)

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