Sorry, I may be inactive

I am soooo sorry and am hating that I have to type this but..............I may be temporarily leaving. KEYWORD: Temporarily....This is because my twin ,Dami, has exams and we share a pc. I have already done my exams so I dont have to worry! :) Anyway......Yes I may be leaving. Yes, I am an admin. Yes, I have a dodo bird called Mr Giraffe and yes, i am sorry. To those who know me: I am a person who is here ALOT! I am very active. I will miss you Jas, Cammy, WT, Slag, Gyp, Rawr, Posey and Kay. If I do not know you- nice to meet ya! Remember this will only be temporarily!

-Kitty and Mr Giraffe

PS. I am sorry but I have to take Mr Giraffe with me....

PPS. Sorry Rawr....If i am not on to help you with wiki

PPPS. sorry kay! BYE

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