I am Kitty, an admin at this wiki. i helped create most of the pages and am here to help. Now some of you may be stuck at the title....RP? Well, RP means Role play. If you are bored or just wanna role-play here is a list of my chars. jUst post on their page with your chars word-bubble and I will RP with you.

Thalia March, Leader of the Clan of Ghosts, Ghouls and Spirits, The Spirit of Melody

Thorn and Rose La'Frendo, Thorn is Leader of the Clan of Nymphs and Elves, twins

Zylaena Flame, Devil, Leader of the Clan of Zombies and Demons, she-demon

Alec Mozark, leader of the Ghosts,spirits and Ghouls Hunters Clan,hunter

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