Ok, this is it. I haven't seen any actions for ages. When we started this wiki, it was exciting and filled with fun. Now, everything is dull. We do no rp's, no quests, nothing! Sure, when Juno made his char, there was rp'ing. But other than that, Nothing i tell you. Most are going to think: Kittys admin, she'll make it fun. She can make all the new things. She can create everything to make it more interesting. And probably, shes admin, she has to. But I cant! I am on at least 7 other wikis, one i am helping create, one i am planning with another user. I am not going to stand for anymore useless rp'ing and nothing else. I am leaving for a while, ill check up maybe in three weeks? By then, I want this wiki running and filled or else I am leaving for good.


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