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    Clearing things up

    November 7, 2011 by Jasmine Campbell

    Ok,so some of you may have questions,here are answers:

    Where is the Haven exactly?

    The Haven is in Scotland.I decided this,as it has lots of mountines.If you would like to say a different place,plz say.

    When will quests start?

    Quests will start after a practice one.After that one is finished,you may start making new quest claims.

    What do i do if i want to be in the practice quest?

    If you want to be in the practice quest,simply post on the quest page.You will only be accepted if you are active and a trusted member of the wiki.One char from each clan will participate.For witches,wizards and Necromancers,Eliza Darling will go.You may only have one char go on the quest.

    What do i do if im new and i need help?

    If you are new and need help,or just need …

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  • Jasmine Campbell

    Ok,so i think we need some kinda special roleplay when we become popular.This is a blog about it,comment who chu want to rp.But first,the terms:

    1. You must have no history of sock puppets,or have had a temp ban
    2. You must be trusted
    3. If you have max amount of chars,you cant join.
    4. You must send me a messege saying who you want

    Rather good terms if i do say so myself!

    Anyway,the first family,the Coxs:

    • Dane Cox:Oldest,Demon,a bad-boy girl magnet.He has a crush on Lillith Kooper(User:WonderfulTwighlight)
    • Camilla Cox:Middle child,Vampire,a huge goth.She has a small crush on Noel Kooper.
    • Mark Cox:Secound Youngest,a spirit,a rather quite boy now,used to play football alot.He has a crush on Thalia and Hannah Kooper,and has to choose who he likes more...
    • Jean Cox…
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  • Jasmine Campbell

    A few things...

    October 10, 2011 by Jasmine Campbell

    Ok,first things first,hi,im Jas,as you can tell.Im the founder,as most will know.Well,im introducing myself,my chars and stuuf about the wiki.

    Well,im a bit strange,i do lots of silly things at home,i hate spiders,and i LOVE chocolate and rping.I am intrested in greek mythology and le supernatural.Thats about it.

    My chars are all different:

    Eliza is a witch,leader of her Clan:Eliza Darling

    Lola Rose is a Angel,leader of her clan:Lola Rose

    Amber is a mortal,leader of vampire and empousa clan:Amber Brown

    So,now all thats done,i think if you have any ideas,post them below.Maybe,how many chars can you have,rules we may have forgotten.We need ideas for rping stuff,new places for our chars to visit,maybe a temple?We need ideas for the wiki if it is to…

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