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Thorn and Rose La'Frendo
We are twins, just so ya know......
Leader of the clan of Nymphs and Elves
The Thorn and The Rose
Important Information
Gender Females
Job None
Status Alive,single
Eye Color Both green
Fur Color Gold and brown
Age both 13
Affiliation Their Clan and Thalia March
Weapons Their teamwork and powers
Species Nymphs
Home Their Clan
Quests None

Hi, we are Thorn and Rose


Thorn is a Earth Nymph while Rose is a Flower Nymph (Their mother was a mix)


Thorn has golden hair that is cut just above her shoulders. She has big green eyes and her favorite dress is a short green one. She wears a necklace made by her mother before she left. Rose has brown hair that is cut like her twins. She has warm green eyes and wears a pink short dress like thorn. She also has a necklace made by her mother.


Thorn and Rose are complete opposites. Thorn is feisty and has a temper. She loves to be wild and loud and is only calm when her twin is with her.Rose however is calm and shy. She hates loud noises and only really talks alot when her twin is with her. When together, they are neutrel and content.


Their mother was a nymph named Ivy. She fell in love with a human. She had two thwin daughters who she named Thorn and Rose. But she was young and afraid so she left them with their father, George. George raised the twins but wasn't really considered their father. So one day, after George married again, the twins ran away. Unfortunatley they got lost in a forest when they heard something. They were scared and shocked when they saw a spirit float towards them. She said her name was Thalia nad they should come with her. They were scared about what she would do if they didn't so she went with them. When they got to the Mountaine Haven, Thalia explained everything. from that day on they were Thorn and Rose, the nymph twins.


Two weaved necklaces from their mother. A spirit-infused bow to tie their hair back in training.