The Merlin CircleEdit

Welcome young Witches/Wizards! This is where you train and learn new spells, or practice old ones! Please respect your trainers and not killing or maiming! Enjoy your training.


These are the trainers, if you would like to be a trainer then please talk to your Clan leader!


Types of MagicEdit

Elements:The four main elements are: Fire,Earth,Water and Air. You can learn these for defense or attack, it is very hard to learn all four but not impossble. This is also very tiring, so do not rush this magic.

Healing:This magic is to heal injuries,certain potions and most types of magical attacks. This is a very imporant type of magic and must be learnt. It is not too tiring but it is not always going to work.

Potions:This is a type of magic any Wizard/Witch can learn, it is the most easiest type of magic. It does not take too much energy but is very time consuming.

Transfiguration:This magic allows you to become almost any animal or object, this is very hard to master. It is very tiring so it should not be done often, it also has a time limit.

Defense:This involes drawing a circle in the air with your staff, it creates an invisible shield. It is very tiring to keep up with but it stays as long as you keep it going.

Attack:This is mainly simple spells which grow more powerful with time. For example an Expolsion spell would be weak when you first learn it but it will be stronger as you practice it more. It grows more tiring as it gets more powerful.