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Thalia March
New Thalia
"Music is Peace and Peace is what I want......"
Leader of the clan of Ghosts, Ghouls and Spirits
Spirit of Melody
Daughter of the Unknown
Important Information
Gender Female
Job Leader of Clan of Ghosts, Ghouls and Spirits
Status Alive,single
Eye Color White
Fur Color Deep red
Age 14 but real age is unknown...
Affiliation Her Clan

The Haven

Weapons Her powers

Her Voice

Species Spirit
Home The Clan of Ghosts, Ghouls and Spirits
Quests None

I am Thalia March, a spirit and clan leader of the Ghosts,Ghouls and Spirits Clan.


Thalia is a calm and gentle spirit. She hates arguments and likes to rather solves them then be in the fight. Thalia is often heard singing around and would often smile when she hears other music. She loves watching other creatures live in peace. She uses her mind to control instruments and earned the name Spirit of Melody..........


Thalia has long light white hair. As a spirit it looks translucent and some gold streaks seem to be in it. She has blodd-red eyes and pale skin(she is a spirit.....). She died in a white dress and therefore always wears a white dress. She has a necklace with a moon on it which she does not understand. She also has a anklet which has writing on it in a wierd language.


Thalia cannot remember any of her human life. All she knows was that she was betrayed by the one she loved.......................

Likes and DislikesEdit

Likes peace and music. Hates war and loud noises. Loves the moon and underground lake. Hates the blood in Cavern of Vampires and Empousa.


I have a fear of holy water cause it kills me and hunters cause they hunt me.


Name Relation Feelings
Thorn and Rose La'Frendo Friends They're like my little sisters.
Alec Mozark


Prepare to die.................
Eliza Darling Friends Leaders work together.
Destiny Amarande Co-Leader She helps me so much!
Aaron Ben-Zvi Crush

I like him.....Do you think he likes

me? I hope he does.............

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