Im Sloth*yawns*...
Godess of Sloth
Godess of Bubbles
Important Information
Gender Female
Job Ruler of Sloth and Bubbles
Status Still a godess
Eye Color unknown
Fur Color unkown
Age A bit after the dawn of time
Affiliation her sisters,other gods/godesses
Weapons her powers
Species ex demi-god,godess
Home mountines
Quests none

Sloth is the youngest of the Seven Deadly Sins Sisters.She is godess of Sloth,hence her name.


Sloth was the child of Lady Life and a mortal.She is the only ever Demi-God.She was an accident,but Lady Life loves her.She is given the biological status as a seven deadly sin sister,despite having parents.She was given godess status by her sisters.


loth is calm and gentle.She is friendly,but she is never jumpy.She likes bubbles.


  • Can out people to sleep
  • Mortals feel sleepy in her presence


"Im tired*yawn*get me a bed"


"Stop fighting for once" Sloth to Pride and Gluttony


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