This character belongs to Daughter of Lupa


Senna -Were-Wolf
-The Wolf of Moon

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I'm going on a quest, and any creature welcome to come with me.
Senna Lang
trust me, moon knows truth and Moonlight always show the truth
The WolfLover
The Wolf of Moon
The WolfGirl
Important Information
Gender Female
Job Dark Guardian
Status Alive, Single and looking
Eye Color Choclate Brown
Fur Color Dark Brown
Age 14
Affiliation Clan of the Were's
Weapons none
Species Were-wolf
Home Haven, clan of werewolves
Quests none, hope find her god father, Jake


Senna was born as a Werewolf,as Senna's family were Werewolves.One day, hunters heard news of them being werewolfs. Senna's parents told her god-father,Jake, to take her and run.Senna's parents died while fighting the hunters to give her godfather time. While escaping, jake got shot in leg and gave a howl,which alerted a nymph who was nearby her house,and the nymph took Senna to the mountine, while jake got healed by other nymphs who had also been alerted. Jake healed, and left to get revenge.He hasn't returned to the mountineus place,and Senna transformed into a werewolf for the first time ever a couple of years later, when she became 14 years old.


Caring, Sweet, helpful, Kind, good-hearted and honest.She has anger issues,from her experiences. She tries to control it,but finds it hard.


She has long, dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes.She is tall and slim.Whe she transforms into a Werewolf,her fur is Dark brown.


her mother's necklace.


  • she like the Moon
  • she like the moonlight
  • her favorite animal is wolf
  • she like werewolves
  • her family tree book
  • choclatte
  • raw meat
  • Nymph
  • Wolf history
  • werewolf history
  • Moon history


  • wolf hunters
  • werewolf hunters
  • silver
  • nightmare
  • alone
  • death


  • She fears the death of Humans


Name Relationship Thoughts
Derek Lang Father he die, protectin me and my godfather
Anna Lang Mother she die, protecting me and my godfather
Jake Lang GodFather don't know he is alive or dead, i must have a quest for him so i can find him.
Riley Scott clan member she is pretty and beauitful and i admire her

Ross Scott Friend he is nice and i feel bad for him


"Trust Me, Moon know truth and Moonlight always show truth"


  • Weres can change on the full moon
  • Some weres can change their form anytime as they get older
  • Get some attributes from their animal
  • Super healing
  • Super stamina and agility

Senna's PossienoEdit


  • Die from silver
  • lose mind on full-moon
  • get needs from animal like raw meat for wolves