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Ross Scott
ImagesBlonde-emo-guy-hair-9 large.jpg
Creature of the Moon
Important Information
Gender Male
Job Being a werewolf
Status Alive,single.
Eye Color Blue
Fur Color Black
Age 18 years old
Affiliation MH, Were clan, Himself and Riley Scott.
Weapons An hunting knife, his powers.
Species Werewolf
Home MH,England.
Quests None yet..


He is almost the exact opposite of his half sister. He is cheerful and is kind to all supernatural creatures. He believes in living life to the full and taking risks and doesn't really think things through. When he is angry he becomes aggressive and its best you stay away from him. He is also very adventrous. But he is very cold underneath and has many dark secrets.


He was born two years before Riley out of an love affair. Their father cheated on Riley's mother with unknown woman, he was put in care when he was born as his mother didn't want him. He spent most of his life bitter and angry at the fact that his parents didn't care for him. When he transformed at 13 he was terrified of himself and tried to kill himself. However he was saved by his father, his father explained to him what he really was and how he should be proud of himself.

Ross was finally happy for being in contact with his father but when his father said he couldn't adopt him or even admit that he had him as a son, Ross grew angry once more and rejected his father. He didn't speak to his father again till he was 16 but Ross had discovered a clan of witches/wizards and paid them for a way to kill his father and family. They gave him a specialized vial of a potion which was cease to exist once it was used. Ross entered the house and put the potion in the air, killing the Scott family apart from Riley.

Ross lived for two years in his hometown until he found out that Riley, his half sister was alive. He decided he could at least be a brother to her and find a place where he could fit in..right?


  • Werewolves
  • Adventure
  • Raw meat
  • ..Killing


  • Sliver
  • The Scott family (apart from Riley)
  • Were hunters
  • Care homes
  • Vegatables


He has black hair and blue eyes. He has snake bite piercings and is considered goodlooking to some girls, he is fair skinned.


  • Super healing
  • Super agility and stamina
  • Weres can change on the full moon
  • Some weres can change their form anytime as they get older
  • Get some attributes from their animal


  • Die from silver
  • Lose mind on full-moon
  • Get needs from animal like raw meat for wolves


Name Relation Feelings
John Scott Father Hates him, murdered him.
Unknown mother Mother Wishes he met her.
Riley Scott Half Sister Wants to know more about her.
Angel Granger Girlfriend He thinks shes quite nice and he also thinks shes very pretty. He cares about her a lot and likes her a lot.
Senna Lang New Friend Glad to meet a fellow werewolf.

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