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Riley Scott
Creature of the Moon
Important Information
Gender Female
Job Being a Werewolf
Status Alive,Single.
Eye Color Was blue now glows white.
Fur Color White
Age 16 years old
Affiliation Werewolf Clan, MH.
Weapons Her powers
Species Werewolf
Home England, MH.
Quests None yet..


She is a werewolf through bloodline, her great-great grandfather was bitten making the rest of his family werewolves. Her family home was in England, her family was very wealthy and everybody knew them. She first transformed when she was 13, she knew the family secret for quite a while. However they was unaware of the MH, but when Riley's family died from an unknown illness when she was 14 she looked for a new place to stay. She researched constantly through books, the internet until she finally found MH in an 1700's book. She decided to make her way there after two long years of looking for somewhere.


She is very tomboyish and is quite tough. She is sarcastic at times and gets bored easily, it seems like she doesn't listen to you. But once you get past her 'tough' cover she is a kind and loyal friend. She will do almost anything to protect them and herself. She is also very intelligent and enjoys reading.


She has completely white hair(it used to be light brown until she transformed then from shock it turned white), her eyes seem to glow white sometimes, she has fair skin. She almost always wears an bandana.


  • Books and reading
  • Werewolves
  • History
  • Families
  • Raw meat


  • Werewolf hunters
  • The moon
  • Sliver


A necklace with the Scott crest on it and a book titled 'An werewolf history' from her family manor.


Name Relation Feelings
John Scott Father Misses him.
Elisa Scott Mother Misses her
Ross Scott Half Brother Is happy to find out she has him as a brother.

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