Quest for the Lost SoulEdit

Zylaena has many servants who still reside in Hell. One of them told her that they had a problem. It seemed that a soul had got lost on the way to Hell. LOst souls get very confused and could tell hunters or even humans the location of the Haven. Zylaena as the Devil has the duty to stop that. She must go with two companions to the gateway to hell and trap the soul.


User:KittyInASheepsClothes, Zylaena Flame, leader

User:LoveCatsOwls, Solo

User:Poseidon Child, Karen Jackson

MOD--- User:Jasmine Campbell


Zylaena: Zylaena stands at the Main Cavern waiting. She has on her back two twin swords and a belt of daggers. What the Hell is taking them this long?

Solo: Runs into the Main Cavern. Sorry I'm late, Zylaena!

Zylaena: It's alright Solo, my friend. Tis just the newbie demon....She thinks she will overtake me after this quest... Glares at the empty cavern. she isnt even hear yet!

Karen: *rolls eyes* what? I HAVE to look nice you know. *she sees Solo looking shocked at her attitude* what? Oh right... Sorry Zylaena the almighty for being late. Happy now?

Zylaena: Whatever bitch....Got the map Solo?

Karen: *whistles and checks her manicure*

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