This character belongs to BloomOfFairyTail

I am Pride, the best in everything
Godess of Pride
Godess of Peacocks
Important Information
Gender Female
Job Controls Pride
Status Still a Godess
Eye Color Unknown
Fur Color Unknown
Age From the Dawn of Time
Affiliation Her Sisters,other Gods
Weapons Powers
Species Godess
Home Mountines
Quests None


Pride and all her sisters,except Sloth,were born like normal gods and godesses.She just exsisted at the dawn of time. She now roames the world, telling people how beautiful she is,and making people vain.


Pride is prideful, egocentric, always thinking she is better than others and will never admit she's wrong.


She has a light brown mane that is always rebellious and seems to have a mind of it's own. Her eyes are a black so black that it almost turns purple. She always has her nose up, to show she is better and has to look at everyone from the top instead of the bottom




"I'm the best there is of anything"

"Ah, poor mortals, never getting near someone as wonderful as myself"

"Shes the most annoying person ever!" Pride about Gluttony

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