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Penelope Masque
"I am a dancer of the heart....."
A Farie of the Haven
Given life by the Lady and Lord
Important Information
Gender Female
Job None
Status Alive,single
Eye Color Blue
Fur Color Purple
Age 16
Affiliation The Haven
Weapons Her powers and her skills
Species Farie
Home The Mountaine Haven
Quests None


Penelope was a dancer for the Royale Ballet of London in the 1800's, she was destined to be the principal dancer in ¨Giselle¨ the spring of the year she died, she was also in love with Roberto De Alzase, the spanish principal dancer for the company.

She was a beautiful girl with black hair and pale blue eyes with the grace of butterfly, she was quiet but sweet and once she got to know someone, specially her dance company mates, she was loyal, noble and the gratest friend. She loves to dance more than anything in the world the ballet was her life.

On the afternoon of her dead as she was walking towards the ballet theatre to meet Roberto on the stairs she bumb in to an old lady in a dark hood, Penelope apologize to the old lady but realize too late that the old lady have stabb her, she run to the stairs Roberto was there and she could look at him for the last time and told him she love him.

As she died she was transported to a place of light, and then she found herself in dark forest, in one side of the road all tree were green and full of white flowers on the other side all trees were dead. She saw two figures aproaching a scary dark hair man and a beautiful white woman they called her by name adn said at the same time “We are Lord Death and Lady Life, it was not your time to die and so we will let you be reborn and bestow the gift of eternal life as a fairy."


Penelope is sweet, delicate and well manner reminicent of the time when she was alive, she is a loner but is always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Likes and dislikesEdit

She loves dance, specially ballet she also loves singing and poetry, and creme brulee, she is scared of dark hooded figures, dislikes the dark and spiders.


  • She is scared of dark hooded figures
  • old ladies
  • never being able to dance again



  • Magic ballet shoes


Penelope is graceful and slender, tall with pale blue eyes, alabaster skin and purple hair.