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I hate you.....
Angel of Death
Twin to Heaven
Important Information
Gender Female
Job None
Status Alive and single
Eye Color Black
Fur Color Black
Age 15
Affiliation Her Clan
Weapons Anything
Species Angel
Home Her clan
Quests None

Basic InfoEdit

NAME: Nevaeh

AGE: 15

GENDER: Females

SPECIES: Nevaeh is a angel


I was born and was considered outcast immediatley as I had pure black hair. My twin, Heaven. had blond and was considered blessed by God. From age of 5, when I saw my mother give Heaven a present and not me, I hated her.She was always a goodie-two-shoes and I was just the outcast with a heart as black as hell. My father even sometimes beat me because I was so different. When me and Heaven turned 15, we went into the woods. Heaven said she wanted to talk to me by the pond. When we got there, a rogue vampire attacked. Inside my heart, I loved my sister so I jumped in front of her and pushed her into the pond. The vampire crashed into me and slit my throat before running. it was weird because I expected it to bite me. But I died then. And then a light came...It was Lord Death. He saw my life and decided to bring me back...As an angel. But now, I am an angel of death. I usually stick around meh lord but he has sent me to the Haven......Where my sister is.


  • Angels can grant wishes but only wishes that help others
  • Angels can use the air element and cloud magic
  • Angels can wing-whirl (like teleporting but with cloud of feathers)
  • Angels can give one of their feathers to someone and that creature can call for help any time