I'm a witch got a problem with that?

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Hahahaha you're reading my diary! That must mean you're a dork or something! Anyways since you have done a nice job in finding this diary you must be desperate so you deserve a reward. So here read a part of my history.

I was born to my lovely parents who decided to abandon me right after I was born. I was very happy infact I cried and cried everynight because they abandoned me. What good parents they are right? I was sent to an orphanage . The orphanage is really awesome that everything I wake up I always wish I could just die. For years I was trying to hide my idendity as a witch of course I was never found out that's why everyone loves throwing rocks at me. Yay me! One day though a kid got so afraid that I'll cast a curse on him because He ruined my hair tried to kill me. Which is awesome, so awesome in fact that I almost lost hope of ever living again. I love him, I so love him that I wanna kill him! I can't believe he made me cry. That was the last draw, I just can't take it anymore!I began to run away until I found this place.