"I use a bow and arrow for my weapons...."

My name is Luke.......Luke Markson

I am 15 years old.

I am a centaur.

I am often described as a thinker. A ponderer. A daydreamer. I amm all but a daydreamer. When I dream, most of the time it comes true for I have the gift or foresight. I dream the future noble warriors.

I was born to Mark and Ariana the centaur leaders. They named me Luke as I seemed to have a dremay look in my eyes and often loved to hear the music of the lute. When I was jus ta young stallion, the tribe/clan was destroyed. Every satyr and centaur fled. Everyone but me. I was young and foolish. i just stayed there until the battle from teh hunters was over. A ghost found me and brought me to the haven where i grew up learning to be ag reat warrior, a great centaur, a great leader.

Work In Progress

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