My name is Death and that is who I am. Do not be afriad for it is not your time to die...yet. I command, create and become the dead. If you sin, I will send you to hell for the Devil. If you stay innocent, be prepared for an after life with my wife in heaven, the place for life after life. Welcome creatures of all.

Personality- Other PerspectiveEdit

Lord Death is dark and mysterious. He is never seen at day and never in the light. He was dark and evil in a form. He was very emotional and could get extremely scary at times. But he was also very kind and loving when it came to his wife lady Life and his daughters Destiny and Fate. To his allies, he is good and great. To his enemies, well ya cant run from Death.


Most people expect me to bet the Grim Reaper. And some days I am. I am with a cloak and make darkness surround me and my sycthe. Other days, I am the angel of death. Beautiful yet so dangerous. My opinion is that looks can be decieving. I could appear as a 5 year old blond kid and ya wouldnt know a thing.