This character belongs to Jasmine Campbell

Lola Rose
Leader of Clan of Faries,pixies and Angels
Angel from Heaven
Important Information
Gender Female
Job None
Status Alive and single
Eye Color Brown
Fur Color (Hair colour)Red
Age 23
Affiliation Her Clan
Weapons Anything
Species Angel
Home Her clan
Quests None

Lola Rose is a angel,who has no surnam,just a first name,Lola Rose


Jessica was once a mortal who thought the paranormal was just in books.One day,she was hit by a car,and rushed to hospital.She died minutes later.She was taken down to heaven,and helped many.In return,she was given a chance to srta live again as an angel.She had to help anyone in need of it.She was given wings,and a new name,Lola Rose,and her old name,Jessica Downs,was forgotten.


Lola Rose is fiesty,and sweet.She will never give up,and belives that people who do will die or fail.


Lola Rose has red Hair,tanned skin and white angel wings.Her apperence changed when she came back as an angel,it used to be brown hair and paler skin.


Lola Rose likes flying,talking and helping


Lola Rose has one dislike,cars,as it is what killed her.


Names Relationship Thoughts
Davian Friend/Crush I like him, slightly more than a friend

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