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Logan Baker
Logan Now
What is it you need?
Ladies Man
Your killer
Important Information
Gender Male
Job None
Status Alive,single
Eye Color red
Fur Color white
Age unknown
Affiliation His Clan
Weapons His teeth

His Powers

Species Vampire
Home The Haven
Quests None


Logan used to be a orphan.He was in a work house(he is english btw),after his mother died from a machine.He lived in a small part of a wall near the huge mahcine that powered eveything.One day,a man who hated machines came,and destroyed the Boiler.He was really a vampire.He saw Logan,and bit him,as he had not drank blood in days.Logan became a vampire,and left the factory.He radied everywhere,killing mortals.He found this place,after traviling for a while.He thought vampire hunters,and escaped within an inch of his life.Hewas found by Sloth,who took him to the mountine.


Logan is a huge ladies man.He is charming,witty,and slightly possesive.He sometimes seems like he hates eveything,but secretly,he loves puppies


Logan has pale skin,white hair and red eyes.He has sharp teeth.He likes wearing black, and trench coats


  • Blood
  • Storme
  • Small puppies


  • Vampire and empousa hunters


The Death of Storme


Name Relationships Thoughts
Storme Crush i HAVE A HUGE CRUSH ON HER.Does she?
Senna Lang Aquatince Annoying girl