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Leigh Jackson
Bi and proud.Nymphs and elves,beware...
Co-Leader of Nymphs and Elves clan Hunters
Your worst nightmare
Important Information
Gender Female,DUH!
Job None,whats the point?
Status Alive and single
Eye Color Unknown
Fur Color Black,used to be brown
Age 15
Affiliation Her Clan
Weapons A small dagger straped to her leg,and bow and a quiver of arrows
Species Human...
Home Hunter HQ
Quests None

Basic InfoEdit

Im 15

I hunt Nymphs and elves


Why should i tell you?Ok,well,im Sadistic,possesive,protective,fiesty,sarcastic and thats about it.Oh,and im bisexual,k?!


Ok,well,it seems you are SO stupid,you cant look at me to know.Well,i have black hair,short,pale skin,blue eyes.I normally wear black,'specilay leather jackets,black leggings,black boots,


Ok,wanna know my history?Well,im gonna make it fast.I grew up in africa.My mum worked in a nursery there.But she died,she lost her battle with cancer.My dad started drinking,cos he was deppressed.He started abusing me,he brought strangers into the house.He didnt give a sh*t about me.He tried to kill me.But i ran away.I found myself on a boat,going to america.But the boat sunk no where near America,and i swam to shore.Some elfs and Nymphs saw me,and were scared.They tried to kill me.Fire nymphs tried to burn me,ice nymphs tried to freeze me.The elves tried to stab me with knifes.I ran away.Why did they try to kill me?What the f*ck had i done to p*ss them of?I found another human,and asked her where i was.She told me.I vowed vengence on Nymphs and Elves


Name Relationship & thoughts
Zippo I think i have a crush on her.Shes my leader,and i really Admire her.Shes the only person i feel comfterbal around anymore

Gallery of MEEdit