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Water Nymph
Co-Leader of the Clan of Nymphs and Elves
Important Information
Gender Female
Job Co-Leader of the Clan of Nymphs and Elves
Status Alive - Single
Eye Color Blue/Grey
Fur Color Blue/Blonde
Age 15
Affiliation Clan of Nymphs and Elves
Weapons {{{weapons}}}
Species Water Nymph
Home Clan of Nymphs and Elves
Quests {{{quests}}}


Kola was born to two water nymphs, on the 1st April. She grew up underwater and loved her life. Unfourtunatley, a large monster, a hydra, attacked her original clan, so she was taken to live in the clan here. Kola had to leave all her possessions behind. She would like to get to know other people/nymphs here.

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