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Being friends with me..will only get you burned *evil grin*
Demon of Fire
Important Information
Gender Male
Job Being a Demon
Status Alive,single
Eye Color Black with flecks of fire
Fur Color Brown
Age 100 but looks 18
Affiliation The Devil, himself.
Weapons His powers
Species Demon
Home The Haven
Quests None


I was born more than 100 years ago, I don't remember when. My parents were the peppy and happy type of people, we lived in a mansion were I had servants catering my every need. But I knew from when I was quite young that I was different from happy parents, when they donated money for the poor, I would sneakly steal it from them. My parents decided by the time I was 18 to kick me out, I was angry and hurt. Just because I was different, they kicked me out. I swore somehow I would get revenge, thats when a person appeared. She told me she was the Devil and that she had blessed me as a Demon, thats when she touched my forehead. I sprouted black wings and a flame appeared in my palm. She told me that she had just actived my powers. I went back to my parents mansion and killed them, along with the many servants. I then spent the last 100 years spreading chaos and what not, when I discovered the Haven. I decided I needed a break from my job and now I am here.

Personatlity Edit

He is outgoing and can be sarcastic. He loves tricking people and watching the outcome. However once people get to know him, he is quite brave and cares deeply about his close ones.

Powers and WeaknessesEdit


  • Demons can control the demon-fire
  • Demons can tag souls for Hell
  • Demons can fire-walk (teleport when in fire)
  • Demons are resistant to fire


  • Demons can be killed by water
  • Demons can be killed by the contact from an angel like zombies
  • Demons can only answer to The Devil

Likes and Dislikes Edit


  • Fire
  • Chaos
  • Causing chaos
  • Hell
  • The devil


  • Most people
  • Heaven
  • Rules