This character belongs to Slagars band

Kerrigor De Rogirrek
Behold! Me in armor and with a sword
The Necromancer Clan Co-Leader
Important Information
Job Clan Co-Leader, Necromancer
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Fur Color ...Black...
Age 34
Affiliation Myself
Weapons the dead
Species Necromancer
Home A cave
Quests none


Kerrigor De Rogirrek is a cold, unmerciful killer in a battle. He's a great actor, normaly fooling everyone he meets. He has a sarcastic sense of humor.


Yes, I’m a Necromancer. Get used to it. When I was 16 I ran from home, to learn the crafts of the necromancer. On my search, I came came across an elder necromancer, who taught me to summon dead, see the past, control dead & much more. I returned back to my home after 8 years, killed my enemies from the past and awoke all the dead in the graveyard. A few years ago I found this clan and joined, as they think I’m harmless, they’re wrong…


All the things a necromancer should have


  • Kerrigor backwards is Rogirrek
  • Kerrigor is based on the main baddie of the Old Kingdom series
  • Kerrigor has a dark seceret
  • He is also planning a dark, err, plan

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