Jinx Gold
Dead but Alive
Ghost Girl
Important Information
Gender Female
Job none
Status Dead
Eye Color Bright Pink
Fur Color Gray
Age 12 Years when killed
Affiliation Haven
Weapons None
Species Spirit
Home Clan of Ghosts, Ghouls and Spirits
Quests none

Basic InfoEdit

Age: 12 when killed

Gender: Female

Species: Spirit


Jinx is fun loving ,thoughtfull, calm, loving ,caring and loves animals.She finds it hard to make freinds and fit in.She seems quiet and shy at first but if you get to know her she is quite loud and funny.


Jinx has a pet cat called Hex.

hex and charm

Her freind cares for Charm(Hex's brother).She found Hex and Charm on a busy road soon to be trampled by a horse.Jinx dived and saved Hex and Charm from certain death.She has black fur green eyes and a black colloar studded with charmed gold.Weirdly Hex can be touched by ghosts and spirits .Also Charm can't be touched by werewolfs.They are an unknown breed of cats.


  • Like: people being happy or exited
  • Dislike: people being sad or angry
  • Fear: Criminals


Pixie blood (best freind)


Long gray hair ,pink eyes and pale skin wears the clothes she died in.She is thin and tall and isnt very musculaur.Her hair is never tied up and has a whitish tint to it.


Was born in 1837 september 4th.Her parents were horrible and were peasants they never talked to her.Jinx hated her parents and wished they would go away.She was smart for her age and wanted to go to school.Finally she ran away at the age of six and started stealing to live.She went to a forest and saw a ghost and he told her that up the mountain and inside were safe for people like her, that have run away.She didnt know what to do. Jinx lived in the forest untill she was 8.Finally she went back to her hometown and saw it burnt down and wrecked.She vowed revenge on whoever did it.She searched the town for months helping survivers and killing any one still burning the town.Eventually she found her old house and saw her parents dead.Jinx cryed even though they had been horrible parents she still loved them.So she buried them in the forest.When she returned to the forest the ghost boy had returned and told her again to go to the mountain.This time she started walking towards the mountain.Now 12 she had reached the mountain and started to climb.She was ambushed by a group of criminals and they violently beat her to death.So she became a spirit and her hair turned from black to ghostly white.


  • Can be killed with holy water
  • Cannot touch anything physically


  • Jinx can move anything with her mind
  • She can control minds by inhabiting humans (only for short period)
  • She can feel emotions
  • Can infuse items with healing touch
  • Can spirit-walk (disapear and apear somewhere else)


Blessed golden necklace