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Hi there!
Twin to Nevaeh
The Heavenly Mer-person
Important Information
Gender Female
Job None
Status Alive and single
Eye Color Blue
Fur Color Blond
Age 15
Affiliation Her Clan
Weapons Anything
Species mer Person
Home Her clan
Quests None

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Heaven

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Species: Mer-person


Heaven is kind and funny. She helps others when ever she can is a bright happy person. When someone mentions Nevaeh, she gets quite sad and downcast. Heaven is often happier when there is more people and is very social.


My story is the same as Nevaehs's. Cept I was loved. Despite Heaven hating me, I loved her. I wanted to take her to the pond to say sorry. But the vampire came and Neva pushed me into the lake. I tried to swim but I fell to the bottom. Lady Life saw this and decided to give me new life. I am now a mer-person at the Haven...Where Neva has been sent to...


  • Merpeople can control water
  • Merpeople can speak to all marine animals
  • Merpeople have long tails
  • Merpeople can control marine animals

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