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If you want, your character can have a pet. But first it must go through the pet claiming. You must include:

  • Basic Info
  • History
  • Pic

NOTE: Any pets your char has MUST go through claiming. If not, you wil get a spoken warning.








Any medium sized mythical creatures that the admin agrees on.... Go and get pet aproved now!


You MUST put this at the top of your page or it will not work. If you forget, bad luck folks.

((Forumheader|Pet Claiming)).......Except the four ( MUST be { and }.

                                       VVVVVVVVVVV Put Claim Here VVVVVVVVVVV

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Bubbles07:58, December 23, 2011LoveCatsOwls
Drocell18:43, November 7, 2011LoveCatsOwls
Hex21:24, November 5, 2011KittyInASheepsClothes
Tooty and Fern, Jex's Birds07:40, November 5, 2011LoveCatsOwls
Coda, Damieni's Wolf15:30, November 4, 2011LoveCatsOwls
Test07:37, November 3, 2011KittyInASheepsClothes

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