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ImagesGoth girl by bb64
Goddess of Fate
Important Information
Gender Female
Job Controling the fate of others.
Status Alive
Eye Color Black
Fur Color Black
Age Eternity
Affiliation Herself, the gods.
Weapons Her powers
Species Goddess
Home Anywhere and everywhere. Although it is Mountain Haven for now.
Quests I have others to deal with quests.


At the start of creation, there was two single beings. The first was clothed in white and had white wing coming from her back giving you the feeling of safety and happiness. The other being was the opposite. He was clothed in black and had demon black eyes. Just by looking at him you felt cold, scared and like all the death in the world was inside you. These two beings stood and watched as the place you call Earth was created. The white being moved across the land and as she stepped, grass grew beneath her. Where she breathed, clouds and air was created. Where she touched, flowers and life grew. Then the man stepped down onto the new creation. And as he stepped volcanos grew, as he breathed poison came and as he touched came pure black flowers and death. They stood together and created the world. They were called Life and Death, Light and Darkness, Good and Bad. They had two children, Destiny and Fate. Destiny was more like her mother whereas Fate was more like her father. They all had a purpose, to control the lives of humans. All four of the gods were unavoidable in humans lives, though the humans never realised this.


She is cold and bitter to most people, she is almost exactly like her father. She prefers to be alone and doesn't particualrly like her family, but she is not totally heartless. She does care for her twin sister Destiny the most and she will protect her.


Name Relation Feelings
Lord Death Father She respects him although she is slightly frightened of him.
Lady Life Mother She cares about her and is very protective of her.
Destiny Twin sister Out of all her family she cares about her the most and will do almost anything to keep her safe, although she'll never admit it.