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Eliza Darling
Eliza Darling
Hey,how are you?
Leader of clan of Wizards and Witches
Princess Eliza
Important Information
Gender Female
Job None
Status Alive,single
Eye Color Unknown
Fur Color Ginger(hair colour)
Age 20
Affiliation Her Clan
Weapons Her staff
Species Witch
Home Her Clan
Quests None

Eliza Darling is head of the Witch and Wizards Clan.She is a princess,but a forgotten one.


Eliza grew up hundreds of years ago,a princess.One horrible night,the family was hunted down,and she was hidden in a chest.It had enchantments on it,so she would live till it was opened.In 2005,she came out of the chest.She lived in a ally for a few weeks,until another witch found her.They told her of this place,and she arrived not long after.She was made head of her clan.


Eliza has a kind heart,however,can get angry very easily.She means well,but sometimes fails.She is really smart and wise,and will help all new people.


Eliza has ginger hair,that sometimes changes colour.She has green eyes,and aften wears a witch outfit.She sometimes has long hair.


Eliza has a staff,like all witches and wizards,and an amulet


Eliza loves peace,and making potsions.She likes to make friends,as well as cook and eat good food.She loves reading and her fav book is Little Women and Harry Potter.

==Dislikes == Eliza hates spiders,war, and horrible people.

The staff of revelation by kicsterash-d3fhoo3

Her staff

Name Relationship Thoughts
Thalia March Friend Clan Leaders Work together
Kerrigor De Rogirrek Aquatince He is my Clan cO-lEADER,but the fact he is a necromancer is a but disturbing.

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