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Dolly 2

Dolly -Werebat
-The Young Doll

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I was a dolly? Cool!
Dolly Echolocation
Dolly 2
"I was a dolly?"
The Doll of Looks
Werebat Who Cries
Important Information
Gender Female
Job Learning
Status Alive,single
Eye Color Purple-red
Fur Color Purple
Age Looks 7 but is 12...
Affiliation Her Clan

The Haven

Weapons Her powers

Her Looks

Species Werebat
Home The Haven
Quests None

Basic InfoEdit

Her name is Dolly....

She is 12 but looks 7.....

She is a werebat.....


Dolly is like a child in every way. Ya know the evil guy Younga? Yeah well the spell he put on her kinda made her lose a few brain cells.....Or a lot actually. She pictures the world like a child would and is very naive. She asks little kid questions like----"Why is the sky blue?". She gets hurt easily and will cry as her mind is a childs mind.


Dolly is 12 years old but looks 7. She ages alot slower because of teh effects of the spell. She has long purple hair and purple-black eyes. She has eyes which cannot see into sunlight and has longer claw like nails. Her wings are bat wings and she wears odd little kid clothes.......Kinda a laughing stock but everyone loves her anyway...


Dolly was born to two werebats. They had quite a happy little fairy-tale life until the villian came. A rogue wizard. His name was Younga and was known for killing creatures family and putting the girls in ertenal sleep and showing them as dolls......Everyone always knew he was off in teh head. Anyway, back on track......Dolly's name was actually Iris and she had 11 sisters. They were ambushed by Younga and he killed her and her sisters parents and their brothers. He placed all the girls in ertenal sleep and sent them off to his mansion where his "dolls" were kept....Nice guy, right? Yeah well so because of that spell, most of teh girls died after a hundred years of so. Until only Dolly was left. She was the youngest and the most powerful and had survived the curse. It was not until a kind nymph, Jex, awakened her with the help of Life that she could age again. She is 12 but looks 7 and ages slower. Life and Jex took Dolly to the Haven after they killed Younga, who they had been searching for for years, and she has lived there since....



  • has an echolocation
  • has bat wings
  • has sensitive eyes to sun
  • can fly with wings
  • has sense of smell of bats
  • is notcurnal and can see in dark
  • can turn into bat


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