Destiny Amarande
Co-Leader of the Clan of Ghosts, Ghouls and Spirits
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Is there a ghost by Reverentia

Destiny -Ghost
-Co-Leader of the Clan of Ghosts, Ghouls and Spirits

 – Everything comes in time to those who can wait.

18:08, October 11, 2011 (UTC)


Gothic Hand

Destiny was the sister of Blade Amarande she loved him very much, but that was only until he came up to her room and killed her, she awoke over her body floating. She still loved her brother but not as much as she did. She found the clan but only after alot of walking...ok floating.

Ghost of White Rock Lake by photoenhance
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born December 22nd, 1013
Species Ghost
Family Unknown Parents
Blade Amarande (brother)
Status Undead
Eye Colour Icy Blue
Hair Colour Blonde
Height 5' 7"


Sweet, smart and very talkative. If you get stuck in a room with her leave immediately. Her hearts in the right place though.

Abilities and Weaknesses

  1. All can move anything with their minds
  2. Ghosts can haunt and make illusions
  3. All feel emotions
  4. All infuse items with healing touch
  5. All spirit-walk (disapear and apear somewhere else.)
  6. Can feel and control emotions (LEADER AND CO-LEADER ONLY)


Blade's Watch


The diaries

19892 0624 1 lg

Her Bag


Her Bracelet



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