Important Information
Gender Male
Job None
Status Alive
Eye Color Gold
Fur Color White with Black Socks
Age 15
Affiliation Clan of the Were's
Weapons Swiss Army Knife and my own Teeth and Claws
Species Were-Cat
Home UK
Quests None


Blonde hair that is always ruffled, as if he has just woken up, and you will often just after the full moon find leaves of twigs sitting in his hair. He's fairly tall, but with long limbs. He can't keep his hands still, so he usually does origami to keep them busy. He either a band tee and ripped jeans under his leather overcoat. He either goes barefoot or wears tattered etnies. His pupils are vertical slits surrounded by iridescent gold, and his canines are slightly elongated and are more pronounced.


Davian is calm and collected, but when angered he can lash out. He has low self esteem, and feels that every thing he touches turns to dust. He has never had a girlfriend. He swears a lot, and enjoys listening to music, any type of music, as long as it isn't mainstream

About MeEdit

Everything was fine. Absolutely fine. Until my Dad lost his job. My mother had passed away giving birth to my little brother. Living in the UK with a global recession was hard enough, but once my Dad lost his job, it got worse. We got evicted out of our house in London, so we ended up living on the streets. Dad could only get part time jobs, and even they didn't last lon. Any money he got, went straight to drinking. He didn't even care when my brother got ill. Since hardly any food was eaten by either of us, we were both malnourished. Any food that we did get, when my father was sober, i gave all mine to my brother. And yet, weeks later, he still died. He was only eight. What shocked me the most, however, was the sheer lack of concern from my father. That's when I decided to leave. I just ran, as fast as I could, away from that cold unfeeling man. And that was when I was bitten. Just on my hand when I went to go and pet what I thought was a stray cat. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I am now a were-cat, destined to forever be inbetween who I really am, and the monster that lies beneath... He is furry though :3.

Possessions: A blunt swiss army knife, a leather overcoat, and my mother's locket.