The tunnel to the cavern is covered in little lights that float around. The walls are covered with shiny paint that makes it see to sparkle. The cavern itself is beautiful. There are floating beds that have white feathery sheets and fluffy pillows. There are little lights that are alive floating around. There are clouds and rainbows. The roof is made with a sky illusion. It is blue with the sun, clouds and butterflys fly near it. There are spaces to fly with their wings and places to dance along with music that seems to be everywhere.

Clan LeaderEdit

Lola Rose(Angel)

Clan Co-LeaderEdit

Zerlinda Rebekkah Beau(Inactive right now, if doesnt come back in a month, will be changed to a different char)



'Angel' Granger

Amber Leaf

White Frost



Areas of the room:Edit


  • All can fly
  • Faries and Pixies can make illusions
  • Faries and Pixies can use sky and illusion magic
  • Faries and Pixies can dissapear in a glitter of rainbows and appear somewhere else
  • Angels can grant wishes but only wishes that help others
  • Angels can use the air element and cloud magic
  • Angels can wing-whirl (like teleporting but with cloud of feathers)
  • Angels can give one of their feathers to someone and that creature can call for help any time


  • Faries and Pixies can be killed by fire and demon-fire
  • Faries and Pixies die if wings are pulled off
  • Angels can not touch anything a demon has touched
  • Angels die if wings are pulled off

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