When you enter you smell the fresh sent of grass, the smell of morning dew and of roses. The cavern for the Nymphs and Elves is full of vines and trees. There are oaks that have beds inside them and ponds for water nymphs. There are roses and any other type of flower that you can name and everytype of bird. There is a nice light coming from the lanterns in the trees...............Do not disturb their peace.

Clan LeaderEdit

Jex - Ex1836

Clan Co-LeaderEdit



Thorn and Rose La'Frendo (Rose) -Up for adoption

Thorn and Rose La'Frendo (Thorn) -Up for adoption

Adelaide Love , servant of Lady Lust

Chance, Partyyyyy nymph!



  • Nymphs can control what they have been born as e.g. Fire Nymph can control fire.
  • Elfs can heal
  • Nymphs can heal when they touch their element or items e.g. Fire nymph get healed when they touch fire.


  • Nymphs have one weakness,the opposite to there Nymph type,e.g. a fire nymph cant touch water.
  • Elves can get killed by anything that can kill a human.

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