Clan of Goblins and DwarfsEdit

Come in...just don't expect a warm welcome. The cave to this clan is heavily guarded by goblins, so if you look at them in a funny way, well, you might have to say good bye to life. As you enter the cave, there are many doors on each side of you, all made of metal. In the center of the cave, there is a market swarming with busy goblins and dwarfs, some rushing to work.

Clan LeaderEdit


Clan Co-LeaderEdit

Archus Marviol

Members of ClanEdit



  • Goblins are stronger than humans
  • Goblins are faster than humans
  • Both kinds are expert warriors
  • Dwarfs are expert blacksmiths
  • Dwarfs can bless/curse anything that isn't living


  • Can get killed like any human
  • Both kinds are small, so they can be hit easier by a sword

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