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Chrystal Night
Im not just ANOTHER pretty face...
Vampire beauty
Important Information
Gender Female
Job Waitress in the mortal world
Status Alive,single
Eye Color Green
Fur Color Brown
Age 15
Affiliation Her Clan

The Haven

Weapons Powers
Species Vampire
Home The Haven
Quests none,yet...


Chrystal's mother is from the victorian era.She fell inlove with a rich duke,who was also a vampire.He was disgusted by her, as she was poor,but slowly begain to love her back,seeing past the rags.They had a daughter,but was shuned as they were not married when they had her.They ran to find the Haven,which they had heared of from other vampires.However,her father was killed on the way by hunters.This left Her mother and her.They begged for money.When they got to scotland,a few hundred years later,having to make stops alot,they found the haven.She and her mother lived there,but her mother died not long after.Heartbroken about the loss of her parents,she vowed to kill all vampire hunters.


Chrystal has long,flowing brown hair.She has green eyes,and pale skin,Her teeth are still growing.


Chrystal has a good side,and a bad side.She is kind hearted and well meaning.But sometimes,she can be horrible.So try not to get on her bad side.


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