This character belongs to Slagars band

Archus Marviol
Important Information
Gender Male
Job Blacksmith, warrior
Status Alive...wants revenge
Eye Color Blue
Fur Color I which is Brown
Age 25
Affiliation Himself, The clan
Weapons Axe
Species Dwarf
Home Haven
Quests Non Yet


Loyal, arrogant and a daredevil, nobody really likes him. But when it comes to fighting he is respected and useful.


Most of his history is unknown to him. He lived in Wales, where he was a master smith. When he heard about enemy forces approaching, he put it upon him self to train. Adventuring for 14 years, he one day came upon a battlefield, and in the distance of a king. Climbing a tree, he jumped and landed on to the Kings horse. The only things that he renembers after that are being wacked on the head with a big hammer and his name. When he awoke he found he was in a room. He let the owner heal him and said to him that he nearly died in a fight against a king. His family, he told him, where murdered in a distant village and that he was now in haven. Ever since, he has lived in haven.


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