Basic InfoEdit

Apollo is a memeber of The Village and is the seer. She has powers which let her see into the future, present and past and can also giver prophecies.


Apollo is mysterious and calm. She sneaks around easily and does not talk to those she does not like.


Apollo was born to Grail and Falkshb Takroti. She was born two years after they married. She was said to be a beauty growing up. Her long hair that looked windswept often caught attention. iTs color made all those who saw her wonder what her power was. Apollo's power was to see into the future, past and present. She could laso make prophecies. Being the only one in the world able to do this, she wore a cloak to protect her idnetity. When Apollo turned 12 she went on a hunting trip with a couple of others. When they got back, they saw he village had burnt down and they had to rebuild it. Apollo is now 18.