Announcements :)== Hey, so lately we have noticed we may need some special events or new things adding into the wiki. We also noticed that if we do want to add more things, you will have to know. So this is where we put announcements...


We have had a new user join us lately! They are new to role-play wiki's and we hope they will enjoy it here! So welcome User:Legend1eel!

Well DoneEdit

Well done to user LoveCatsOwls who has become great parts of the community and has an became admin.....Make sure you listen to her!

LoveCatsOwls- Cats ahs been a agreat user since the wiki started...She listened and did evereything right staright away. She didnt be upset when we had few glitches and has been really kind to new users. She is active and approves pet claims and knows what is right.....Welcome LoveCatOwls to being an admin!

Archangels- Humans in the game?Edit

Now, at the start of this wiki we said no humans at all. But we have had this idea that we are going to be trying out soon. It is where a few characters are going to be kidnapped. Some other characters get a quest to go save them...Save them from a human scientists group called The Archangels. They experiment on creatures and sometimes even humans. These humans become empaths, mind readers or other minor powers. This introduces humans while giving us a chance for a quest. This will not happen yet and we will give another notcie for when it is....Be raedy for the Archangels folks!

Kitty, I am Luc, has told me to say no to this idea. It is too fast and will take more planning. Look at Suggestions comments for the idea she told me to say. She thinks maybe this but not for a while.


We are now Affiliates with House of Night RPG wiki.They are our first affiliate ever.If you would like to check it out,here is a link

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