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Angelina Sutcliff
Angelina Sutcliff
Love or Die?
Blood-Red Killer
Important Information
Gender Female
Job None
Status Alive; Single and Looking
Eye Color Dark Red
Fur Color N/A
Age 18
Affiliation Her Clan, Friends
Weapons Fangs



Walking Stick

Species Vampire
Home The Haven
Quests None


Angelina was born human in London, but moved to Japan at the age of 7, before returning to London at age 15. She stayed there the rest of her life, ignoring her mother and father's constant rules. One night, while strolling through the London streets, Angelina was attacked by a Vampire and dragged into an alleyway, where she was drained of her blood to the point of death. The Vampire who attacked her saw that even though she should be dead due to lack of blood, that Angelina had a string of confidence left in her. Instead of finishing her off, the Vampire turned Angelina into one as well. Angelina never returned to her parents, and left the nameless Vampire to go about on her own until she found a Vampire Clan to stay in.


  • Blood
  • Hellhounds
  • Cats
  • The color Red


  • Hunters
  • Rude People
  • Werewolves


  • Stakes
  • Hunters
  • Werewolves


Angelina is a flamboyant, clumsy, and seductive girl with slight anger and trust issues but warms up to the right people. She can be rather impulsive and hot-headed, and usually attempts to get what she wants.


Angelina's height is about 6'1, and she has long, blood-red hair, pale skin, red-trimmed glasses and dangerously sharp fangs. She has dark red eyes, wears a long and oversized red jacket that ocasinally hangs halfway down her shoulders.


  • She can speak fluent Japanese.


Silver-Bladed Scythe with a Red HandleEdit

Angelina with scythe

Black Walking StickEdit

Angelina's walking stick



Name: Drocell
Drocell angelina cat

Gender: Male

Species: Cat

Drocell was found as a stray on the streets, starving and thin, when Angelina found him and took him in, later learning of his abilities.

  • Has a mental connection with Angelina
  • Drinks only blood
  • Can blend in perfectly in dark surroundings.