This character belongs to Jasmine Campbell

Angel Granger
Just another day as a farie
Important Information
Gender Female
Job None
Status Alive,single
Eye Color Blue
Fur Color Pink
Age 15
Affiliation Her clan

The Haven

Weapons Her Powers
Species Farie
Home The Haven
Quests None


Angel grew up in a counsil flat in Hackney,London.She hated it. She had to dodge bullets on her way to and from school,and if somone grabbed her,she had to kick them and run. She was never safe. She also had a secret.She was a farie. She didnt have wings at first,as like most faires,they get them at 13.At school,a girl walked up to her.She was named Harriet Picket.She was also farie.She told Angel she had found out about MH,and told her she should go.Harriet told Angel to meet her at the park,with a few things.Angel ran home,and packed a small bag with a bottle of water,some food,some clothes and her most precious item,her pendent.She ran away,and met with Harriet.They set of to find MH.After a month of fighting monsters,they found there way there.But a farie,angel and pixie killer found them.He stabed Harriet in the back,and Angel ran for her life.It was midnightr,and she was now 13.Wings grew from her back,and she flew up the mountine to safty.She had a few wounds from mosters,but they were treated.She now lives at MH.


Angel is a gentle being.She hates fights,and refuses to get into one.She has Aspergers Syndrome,and finds it hard to understand sarcasm.She is a normaly happy person.She is also hugely smart.


Angel has pink hair,that is actualy natural,not dyed.She has blue eyes..Her wings(which she hides often)are blue,pink and yellow.



Name Relationship Thoughts
Ross Scott Boyfriend I love him SO much!I really care about him.