Amber Leaf
Autumn fairy by Anne Stokes
Nature is home
Leaf Enchanter
Important Information
Gender Female
Job none
Status Alive, Single
Eye Color Brown
Fur Color Ginger
Age 13 Years Old
Affiliation The Clan
Weapons None
Species Fairy
Home Clan of Pixies, Faries and Angels
Quests None so far...

Basic InfoEdit





Amber hates humans and is warry and shy of any one that looks like one.When you get to know her she is load, funny, loyal, bubbly and caring.But when you first meet her she seems cold as she is shy of new people.


  • Hates humans
  • Likes autumm leafs
  • Loves the colours orange, yellow and red
  • Likes dragons
  • Scared of water and drowning


White Frost


Amber has long ging hair pointy ears and brown eyes.She always wears orange, yellow and red.In the picture she is wearing her favirate dress.Amber's wings are orange near her back and yellow further back.She is tall for her age and is slightly built but is stronger then she looks.


Amber was born in a maple tree,in autumm, in a forest below the Sanctuary.Her parents loved her and they lived quite a good life.As Amber grew older she became best freinds with White Frost a fairy who was just a bit younger than her, as White was born in winter.But when they were about 10 years old disaster struck as the forest started to be attacked by humans.Trees were chopped down and fairies and pixies were killed.Amber's parents died as their tree was chopped down.Luckily Amber and White were out looking for food.The forest Elder/Wise Woman showed them to the mountain and they began their quest for safety.Now 12 Amber was stronger, faster and smarter.They were attacked by a wolf pack and White made the wolf's think they were on fire.On the way there Amber and White had learnt to control and use their powers.When they finally reached the top they were 13 and in a sorry state.So they began a new life with the clan.


  • Faries and Pixies can be killed by fire and demon-fire
  • Faries and Pixies die if wings are pulled off


  • All can fly
  • Faries and Pixies can make illusions
  • Faries and Pixies can use sky and illusion magic
  • Faries and Pixies can dissapear in a glitter of rainbows and appear somewhere else


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