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Alexandra Louise Beckett
ImagesHunter by Rustveld
Werewolves Hunter clan leader
Important Information
Gender Female
Job Hunter
Status Alive and single
Eye Color Blue
Fur Color Brown
Age 18
Affiliation Clan,Humans.
Weapons Dagger
Species Hunter
Home Her Clan
Quests None


Her family are a very long lineage of Werewolf hunters, she was destined to be the next leader. When she was 16 years old she came home to find her whole family dead with werewolf wounds all over them. She swore then that she would discover the secret organsation of the Werewolf hunters and become their leader like she once planned. She found the clan two years later after much research.


Depises Werewolves and all supernatural creatures, she will show no mercy to them or any enemy to the Hunters Clan. She is mainly seen as a tough person who will let nothing stop her. But she is a kind person who cares deeply for her people and all humans.


Brown hair, blue eyes, fair skin. However she know prefers to keep her head covered by a hood.


Humans,Hunters clan, Family, Justice, fighting.


Werewolves, all supernatural creatures, traitors, liars.


  • Can sense werewolves
  • Cannot be turned into werewolf
  • Increased stamina and speed
  • She has exessive knowledge about Sword fighting and hand to hand combat from Training by her family.


  • A dagger which she has strapped to her leg
  • Many weaknesses against Werewolves
  • A pendant with her family crest on it.