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Alec Mozark
"I will have my revenge...."
Leader of the clan of Ghosts, Ghouls and Spirits Hunters
Revenge in Person
Important Information
Gender Male
Job Leader of a hunters clan
Status Alive,single
Eye Color green
Fur Color blond
Age 19
Affiliation Himself and Hunters
Weapons Thalia, his sword
Species Hunter
Home Everywhere yet Nowhere
Quests None


Alec is often called dark and mysterious. He would look at you like he is looking at your soul. Like he was figuring out which was the best way to kill you. And he probably is. He is probobly assessing if you are dangerous or not. And to him, everyone is dangerous. Everything is a weapon. Everything is a risk. Friends, words and weapons. That is what he says hurt. So he cuts himself off to the world besides a select few. Those few he guards with his life..........................


Alec has blond hair and green eyes. He wears fingerless gloves and has a tattoo on his left arm. This tattoo is his clan tatto that only clan leaders get. He often wears green so he can blend in in the forest. He is seen throwing a knife or juggling many.


Alec was born to a hunters family called the Mozarks. They were the leaders of the clan which hunts ghosts, ghouls and spirits. He loved his mum, dad and little sister very much. One day his family got news that his uncle had died. Alec and the rest of the family grieved. That same day, Alec vowed he would never let another family member die. So he trained to be a warrior. His sword ,Thalia, he named after his little sister. he learnt to kill and to save, to wound and be wounded, but most of all he learnt heartbreak. He came back from training one day to see his family his family lying on the floor dead. There was six ghosts laughing around them, using there dead bodies as puppets. Alec pulled out a bottle of holy water and threw it at them. That day, Alec killed his first ghost. He looked at his family and it looked like Thalia had died a violent death. Alec was heart-broken and said he would have his revenge.....He took over the family hunters clan and made himself hard and strong.................


Alec has a sword called Thalia named after his now dead sister. He also has her second moon necklace.