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Adenne Serafina
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I shall burn you!
Fire summoner
Demon of Evil
Important Information
Gender Female
Job none
Status Alive, Single
Eye Color Red
Fur Color White
Age 15 years
Affiliation I am telling you this why?
Weapons None so far...
Species Demon
Home Clan of Zombies and Demons
Quests None yet...


Adenne and Blayze were born in a small town called Renom on the 21st of October. They had hardly any friends and their mother had died giving birth to them. So her father cared for them. Unfortunately some hunters found them and chased them out of the town. Their father fought and saved them by giving them a map given to him by his own father to use in times of need. They trekked over the mountain until finally they found the secret path that leaded to the haven. Then disaster struck, hunters had followed them to the path Adenne and Blayze fought and beat the hunters luckily there were only four of them and they had not come very prepared. Adenne and Blayze checked for any more hunters then carried on. They never saw their father again. So they joined the clan and made new freinds.


She has cold personality and does'nt get along with many people.Adenne does'nt trust many people and hardly has any freinds.


Adenne has long white hair , red eyes and black bat like wings.She is slightly built and she loves to wear black dresses and red ribbons in her hair.